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"The Great Battle Has Just Begun and There Is No Place Were You Can Hide"

Welcome to Athanaton and The Minds of Fire’s World!



We’re really glad to welcome you to the Athanaton’s World.


But, who’s Athanaton?


Athanaton is a semi-god whom Gods themeselves put in the border that separates Hell from the human world.

A innocent mankind lives over the Earth, and his innocence is the most precious treasure of Gods. Because of that Athanaton and his divine host, The Minds of Fire, exist. They have a sacred mission, actually: keep demons far away from mankind. They are the ignored Guards of Man.


Many times demons tried to break out from their prisson, but tehy never have been able to overcome the powerful survaillance of Athanaton. The Minds of Fire and, above all, Athanaton, have showed once and again they are invincible.


But nobody is invincible.


The Great Beast who rules Hell is about to find a way to circumvent your enemy. It has found a door that Athanaton will never be able to close: a human heart.


When all spawn of Hell are poured out over the Earth, Gods’ fingers will point to Athanaton.

Even the powerful Minds of Fire will have to bow before them fearful.


But not all of them.


Athanaton at least will have the opportunity he was awaiting for.


And the world will never be the same…


Take a Look Inside…


Enjoy His Thrilling Adventure With Us!



Ah! We almost forget it!


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